What Happened In Indonesia Stampede which claimed 174 Lives?

Sun Oct 02 2022 15:34:29 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The soccer match played at a popular stadium in Indonesia on Sunday turned tragic with dozens of fans breathing their last. The count of casualties is increasing at regular intervals. When the news broke out, it was said that over 100 fans passed away. But the count now rose to a massive 174.

Now it is said that not less than 174 people lost their lives, while over 180 people sustained injuries. Doctors who treated the patients said that many patients sustained brain injuries and even a small kid passed away. This is the big disaster we saw in recent times.

There are a few doubts about the situation. A few say that not following the guidelines on the capacity at the stadium is the main reason behind the stampede. It is said that over 5,000 fans were allowed inside the stadium than the usual capacity.

Fans present at the stadium more than the casualty made the situation uncontrollable and the cops could not control the massive crowd, say a few reports. Indonesia's chief security minister, Mahfud MD also said the same reportedly. If this is true then the organisers and the stadium would face a lot of issues.

On the other hand, cops using tear gas is also dubbed as one of the reasons behind the disaster. Quoting a few eyewitnesses as saying, a few media reports say that cops using tear gas made the condition worse and made the crowd go wild.

However, fans of the two football teams, unable to control their emotions, also played a part in the painful situation. The fans of the losing team making objectionable comments made the other fans give a strong reply and this led to an argument. Within no time the argument turned into a fight and emerged as a stampede situation.

The deceased include two cops. The angry mob even damaged a few police cars and other vehicles and the damage caused by it is also said to be huge. The Indonesian government said a detailed investigation has been ordered. Further details on the unfortunate incident are awaited from the authorities.