What Is Happening With Congress Party in Rajasthan?

Tue Sep 27 2022 17:26:38 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

What is happening with the grand old Congress Rajasthan is the question no one has an answer for. A lot of theories are doing rounds on the situation in the Congress-ruled state. The reports started popping up with Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot showing interest in running for the Congress chief post.

It has been widely reported that the Congress MLAs are divided into two groups- who support Ashok Gehlot and- who support ex-Deputy CM Sachin Pilot. There is a strong opinion that Sachin Pilot might be made the Chief Minister if Gehlot becomes the Chief Minister.

In the wake of the ongoing political crisis, Sachin Pilot reportedly went to Delhi to meet Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. This happened today as per the reports and the development raised many eyes.

 A few MLAs from Rajasthan are believed to have resigned from their posts amid the political crisis. A majority of legislators have resigned. While a few of them are supporting Ashok Gehlot, the rest of them are with Sachin Pilot.

National media is saying that the number of legislators who resigned is enough to dissolve the Assembly house. If the media reports appear true, then it is a piece of big news that will surely worry the grand old Congress. The opposition party is in power barely and this is not news Congress wants to hear about.

The saffron party BJP which is stunned by the development no one would have thought is not making any moves and observing the developments for the right moment to arrive. BJP is reportedly focusing on inviting Sachin Pilot. It might offer the CM post to him if he accepts the invitation.

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