What Made Jagan Go To Delhi Suddenly?

Thu Mar 16 2023 15:19:37 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

It is known that the Assembly sessions in Andhra Pradesh are underway and the Finance Minister tabled the Budget for the financial year covering almost every sector. Amid the Assembly sessions, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's Delhi tour was confirmed and he would reach the national capital by the evening.

Jagan's sudden tour that too in the middle of the Assembly sessions grabbed everyone's attention as no one knows why he is heading to Delhi all of a sudden. Usually, when a Chief Minister goes to the national capital, the information appears in the news as a lot of planning goes into the Delhi tour.

Contrary to this, the meet was announced all of a sudden. As per the information, Jagan would start at around 4.30 in Andhra Pradesh and would reach Delhi by 7:15 pm. It is said that the Chief Minister would meet the key Delhi leaders on the tour.

Though nothing is confirmed on the exact reason behind Jagan's sudden Delhi tour, two versions are doing rounds. One version says that the Delhi leaders called Jagan and asked him to meet them to discuss some key issues. The second one is that Jagan sought the appointment to meet the leaders.

If it was Jagan's idea to go to the National capital, then he might be discussing key issues in the state on three capitals, pending issues in the bifurcation act, and allowing the state to go for more debts. AP has been taking more and more borrowings and the Centre had warned the state as well.

As the budget was announced today, Jagan might have decided to request the Delhi leaders to let the state go for more debts. Moreover, the Centre is yet to say its stand on three capitals. On the other hand, the central agencies are ringing danger bells with the YS Viveka Case and liquor scam. While an MP's son was arrested in the Liquor scam, YS Avinash Reddy is facing the CBI probe in YS Viveka's case. He might also discuss the early polls possibility with the Centre.

BJP is known for not meeting anyone without any gain or a need. Looking at the issue from this point of view, the BJP leaders might discuss the situation in the state and the possibility of early polls might also be discussed. BJP is focusing on AP along with Telangana. We might get clarity once the tour gets finished.