What Pawan Kalyan Can Learn From Revanth Reddy?

Wed Jul 07 2021 12:56:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

A leader is defined not by the amount of frenzy he evokes, but from the activism and involvement he elicits and inspires from the fans. Just a comparison between Revanth and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan tells you volumes about leadership.

Pawan may be a film star and a celebrity who has a crazy following. The fans may go bonkers over him and may trek miles to just catch a glimpse of him. But, when it comes to translating the frenzied fanhood into votes, Pawan clearly fails. He has rarely given calls to protest, state a rally or hold a dharna. But even when he did, there was no activist on the ground. The protests were tame, insipid affairs. When it came to electioneering too, the same sorry story was repeated.

For instance in Tirupati, Jana Sena chief Pawan had vigorously campaigned. Wherever he went, there were huge crowd. But when the votes were counted, the party he had campaigned for, lost its security deposit. Pawan Klayan has been quite inactive for months. Suddenly on one fine day, he either takes up a small tour or addresses a press conference. Politically, he has made so many compromises.

In 2014, he had joined the political fray. He had launched his party, but it chose not to contest the elections. He merely lent his support to the TDP-BJP. The TDP had won, but had ignored him. Later, he started criticising the TDP, but did not back it up with strong political action. In 2019, he had entered the political fray, put up candidates in all the assembly constituencies and he himself contested from two places. But, when the votes were counted, Pawan himself had lost from both the places he had contested. His party had won just one  MLA seat. But, Pawan could not hold on to the MLA for too long. The MLA in question is now firmly in the YSRCP camp.

The situation today is that Pawan Kalyan's party cannot even hope to mobilise even a motley crowd to stage a protest or organise a programme. Revanth on the other hand has shown how to mobilise the youth in such an impressive way. It is clear that Pawan has a lot to learn from Revanth.