What can we learn from previous Corona Virus

Fri Dec 03 2021 12:35:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

The world is facing a new variant of the dreaded Coronavirus every six months. Earlier the Covid causing strain, Delta and Delta Plus have created havoc across the globe with a flood of infections and a massive jump in the hospitalisations. Now it's the time of the Omicron variant to ring danger bells. Omicron has spread to various countries so far.

As a piece of news, we don't want to hear, the new variant had made its way to India and two infections were detected officially. On top of this, people coming from other countries are testing positive for the Coronavirus. Though there is no information on the variant they were infected with, the development is worrying everyone.

Shore city Chennai saw a passenger coming from Singapore testing positive for the Covid. His samples were collected and sent for genome sequencing. Under the protocols, he was shifted to a medical facility for quarantine.

A kid is also believed to have tested positive for the Covid. As per the protocols, the kid and the family members were immediately rushed to the hospital for the quarantine facility.

Overall, Tamil Nadu became the third state to report Covid positive cases among the foreign returnees. Earlier, Karnataka and Telangana reported positive cases. While Karnataka announced that the two cases were of the Omicron variant, the reports are yet to come from Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

There are a lot of similarities between the initial days of Covid's emergence and the current situation in India. It all started with a single case of Covid in India and since then there was no stopping for the virus. For more than one year, India suffered massively from the virus outbreak.

If people won't learn from the previous experience and start taking the virus threat lightly, then no one can save the country and it's upon us to act sensibly in the tough time. The government had issued the guidelines but the responsibility of following the rules lies with the people.

The second wave of Covid is the classic example of the price we pay for negligence. When the public had let their Covid mask down, India was hit hard by the second wave leading to a disaster.