What does Revanth Reddy think of Sharmila's Party?

Sun Jul 18 2021 08:38:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

What does Revanth Reddy think of YS Sharmila's newly-floated party YSRTP? He considers this not as a political party at all. He say it is like an NGO and nothing more. He also told the media persons not to attach much importance to Sharmila and her party. They mean nothing, he says.

Reacting to Sharmila's allegation that the Congress Party has stabbed YSR in the back, he said these comments were not even worth reacting to. He said he does not consider her party to be a political outfit in the first place. He said her party is no more than an NGO. Then he went on to make some serious comments on Sharmila. He said Sharmila was angry and upset with her brother YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and that she has directed her anger on Telangana and has launched a new political party.

Revanth further said that he does not consider Sharmila's comments worth reacting to. 'One can react to the comments made by a political party. But, how can I react to the comments of an NGO. Sharmila's outfit is a mere NGO,' he quipped. Earlier, Sharmila has said that she did not launch the party due to her dispute with her brother YS Jagan. She said she has launched the party out of her genuine love for the people of Telanganan.

But why is Revanth Reddy saying this? Analysts say that it is part of a carefully crafted strategy by Revanth Reddy. He feels that Sharmila will only cut into the Congress votes as she comes from the same Congress base.  He also strongly believes that she is being propped up by the TRS establishment. Hence, he is trying everything to ignore the party. He feels that by talking about it, he would only help it in getting publicity. Hence, he is trying to completely ignore the YSRCP.