What if TMC wins and Mamta didi loses?

Fri Apr 30 2021 10:45:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

Most exit polls on West Bengal assembly elections have predicted an edge for Trinamool Congress. They claimed that Trinamool might need some generous support from the Left and the Congress to form the government. One or two surveys have also said that the TMC will get a simple majority.

But, almost all surveys have predicted that Mamta will have tough time in Nandigram, where she is pitted against local hero Shuvendu Adhikari. Some have clearly said that she is likely to lose the Nandigram seat. What will happen if Mamta loses and Trinamool wins? Will she still choose to become the chief minister despite the people rejecting her? Is there any instance in India where a defeated leader became the CM? In case, Mamta becomes something like Sonia Gandhi and head NAC kind of thing to remote control the party and government, who will be chief ministerial candidate in TMC if she loses from Nandigram? Will it be her nephew Abhishek Banerjee or some obedient 'her master's voice' O Paneerselvam kind of leader?

This question is being hotly debated in not just in West Bengal but across the state. Will the TMC stay together if Mamta Loses and the party does not get an absolute majority? Will there be rebellion against the ruling caucus of Mamta-Abhishek?