What is Jupally's political future now?

Mon Jan 27 2020 13:32:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Former minister Jupalli Krishna Rao finds himself at crossroads. He has nowhere to go now. He left the Congress to join the TRS. He had won in 2014 from his Kollapur constituency and became a minister. In 2019, he lost the elections and his rival, Harshavardhan Reddy, who won on Congress ticket, had defected to the TRS. In the civic body elections, TRS chief and CM KCR had given Reddy all responsibilities to choose the party candidates. Jupally rebelled and his followers fought on Lion symbol. When the votes were counted, Jupally hd won 11 seats and the official TRS could win just nine seats.

Jupally felt he had proved a point and wanted to extend support to the TRS. The TRS needed  at least three more votes to get the chairman's post. He expected the TRS boss would readily accept him. But, TRS boss had different ideas. He flatly refused to take Jupally's support. He is now planning to get the requisite numbers using the coopted members. This means despite winning 11 seats and proving that he has the people's support, Jupally is not welcome in the TRS. He cannot go to the Congress as the party is on a downslide. The BJP is not exactly welcoming him.

Now, he has nowhere to go. Despite winning a majority of wards, he now has no options.