What is Kishan Reddy' s Interest in Sharmila's party?

Thu Apr 08 2021 08:43:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why has BJP biggie and union minister of state for home affairs G Kishan Reddy got to do with YS Sharmila's to-be born political party? Kishan Reddy, who is neither shaken nor stirred even when incidents like Bhainsa happen and keeps his cool, reacted strongly to denial of permission for the meeting of YS Sharmila in Khammam. The political circles are asking why did he show such unusual alacrity?

On Wednesday, Sharmila's followers met Kishan Reddy and complained that the police were not giving permission to Sharmila's meeting at Khammam. They asked him how the police could allow CM KCR's public meeting and as to why they were not allowing Sharmila's meeting. Reacting to this, Kishan Reddy immediately called up Khammam police commissioner and asked him about it. He told him to accord permission to Sharmila's meeting. Soon, permission was given to hold the meeting. It is another matter that there were some conditions for holding the meeting. Only 5000 people would be allowed to attend the meeting. But, what is raising curiosity is that Kishan Reddy's action. Why did he show such interest in the meeting at Khammam.

Meanwhile, there are reports that late YS Rajasekhar Reddy's wife YS Vijayamma is also likely to attend the Khammam meet. YS Sharmila is set to announce the name,policy and programme of the party at the meeting. Her supporters across Telangana are working hard to make the meeting a success.