What is Pawan Kalyan's future game plan

Sun Oct 10 2021 15:48:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

By 2024, Pawan Kalyan would be completing 10 years as politician. Interestingly, he perhaps could be the only politician who is continuing to lead the party despite losing both the seats he had contested from. The party fully reposes its confidence in him even after these stunning defeats.

But what is Pawan Kalyan's future game-plan? Sources say that he perhaps is the only politician whom everyone is courting. He is in alliance with the BJP, a national party. The Opposition TDP wants the Jana Sena to grow stronger because there is a possibility that it could align with the TDP in 2024. The TDP has not only transferred some of its votes during the panchayat and the local body election. It wants the Kapus to consolidate behind Pawan Kalyan and then align with the TDP. The TDP feels that this is a winning combination.

At the same time, even the YSRCP wants the Jana Sena to grow. The YSRCP feels that a stronger Jana Sena would mean that the Kapus are weaned away from the TDP. A stronger Jana Sena would mean that there is a split in the anti-YSRCP vote and this would lead to a victory for the YSRCP in 2024.  So, the YSRCP too is encouraging the growth of the YSRCP.

As for Pawan Kalyan, he is currently enjoying the courtship. With all the three major parties, courting it, its importance is only growing. He realises that his party has a chance of consolidating itself in the coming few years and emerge as a strong force by 2024 elections. This explains his newfound confidence. He is attacking the YSRCP more belligerently than ever before as he wants to consolidate himself as a credible opposition to the YSRCP.

Will Pawan Kalyan consolidate himself? Who will he prefer as his partner in 2024 elections? Will it be TDP or the BJP? Or will he grow at the expense of both the parties? What is Pawan Kalyan's game plan? Let's wait and see how things shape up in times to come!!