What Will Etela do Now?

Sat May 01 2021 08:58:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

By not immediately resigning from the ministry after KCR ordered a probe into his land deals, Etela has sent clear signals that he would not be cowed down and that he would rather prefer to go down fighting rather than meekly surrender. So, what are his options now?

Undertake a tour of his constituency: Etela is hugely popular in his constituency of Huzurnagar. He has been an MLA for over 20 years and enjoys the confidence of his people. To ensure that his rivals do not get an upper hand in Huzurabad, he would undertake an intensive tour of the constituency spanning a month or more. Through this he will ensure that there is no alternative leadership in his constituency.

Expose land deals of other TRS biggies: Etela may also expose the land deals of other TRS leaders. Already several leaders in Adilabad, Nalgonda and Warangal are embroiled in land grab. There are allegations that several close kin of KCR too are involved in such deals. The farm house  of KTR is allegedly built on river bed. Etela may expose all these and demand probe into these deals too. If KCR orders, it will only defame the party. If he doesn't, Etela can cry victimization. This might force KCR to sue for peace with Etela. It is also possible that he might leak info to BJP's Bandi Sanjay.

Form Munnuru kapu arc: Bandi Sanjay and MP Aravind Dharmapuri are both Munnuru Kapus and Etela, also a Munnuru Kapu, can join hands with them and try to prick KCR. This can help numerically powerful BC community to paint KCR as anti-BC. He can always play Dora versus Poor BC card to spite at KCR.

Let's wait and see what Etela has up his sleeve.