What's the real reason behind Aravind, Jeevan Reddy spat?

Mon Aug 23 2021 13:58:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why is Armur MLA A Jeevan Reddy targeting NIzamabad MP and BJP leader Dharmapuri Aravind? Of late, Reddy is criticizing Aravind for even a small reason. He has criticized him on everything ranging from the turmeric board to irrigation projects. Political analysts say there is a reason for this.

Sources say that Aravind is trying to focus more on state'level politics. He does not want to contest from the Nizamabad Lok Sabha seat in 2024. He wants to enter into state politics and get elected to the assembly. The two constituencies he is focusing on are Armur and Nizamabad rural. While Nizamabad rural has been his father's seat, Armur is a new seat for him. Aravind is said to be nurturing the seat from now on.

Armur is the seat that Jeevan Reddy represents in the assembly. So, Aravind's arrival is a direct threat to Jeevan Reddy. This is the reason why Jeevan is targeting Aravind. Aravind of late has been targeting KCR and his Dalit Bandhu scheme. He said the scheme has been brought only with an eye on the Huzurabad byelections. He also said that Revanth Reddy is hand in glove with TRS boss KCR.  Jeevan Reddy has specifically targeted Aravind and has been questioning him on his failure to get the turmeric board for Nizamabad.  He also said that the three members of Aravind's family are in three parties and asked the people not to support such turncoats and opportunists.

If Aravind choses Armur, then it would be a huge challenge for Jeevan Reddy. At the same time, Aravind's plans to enter the Telangana legislative assembly hinge on his success in Armur. Hence he is targeting Jeevan Reddy in a systematic manner. He is trying to attack him on failed promises and unfulfilled assurances. The fight between the two young leaders is interestingly poised. Let's wait and see how things unfold in the coming days.