What's the story behind Yadadri collector's transfer?

Sun Jun 20 2021 10:51:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is KCR unhappy with most district collectors in Telangana? Otherwise, why did he hold a meeting of only additional collectors and gave them full powers? He also told them to directly be in touch with him and work as per his orders? Why no collectors were invited to this crucial meeting where work targets were fixed?

This is the hottest topic of discussion in the Telangana administration these days. As if to add grist to the rumour mill, he has suddenly transferred Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district collector Anita Ramachandran ? After all, Anita is a senior IAS officer and has been working in the district for the last four years. Her sudden transfer barely days ahead of the inauguration of the Yadadri temple a topic of hot debate.

Sources say the slow pace of Yadadri works may have irked KCR. Though the reason being offered is that she has neglected the Pattana Pragathi and Palle Pragathi programme in the district, many feel there are other reasons. The collector is said to have rubbed the local politicians the wrong way. Many MLAs and party leaders have already lodged several complaints against her. KCR may have taken all these issues into consideration and may have shifted her from Yadadri district. This may be a signal for other collectors to fall in line, say TRS sources.