When girls can bear a child at 15, what's the logic behind increasing marriageable age

Thu Jan 14 2021 11:33:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

When the centre led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making efforts to increase the age of marriage for women from the exiting, a Congress MLA kick-started a controversy by making derogatory comments about a woman's minimum age for marriage.

Addressing the media at a press briefing, Congress MLA Sajjan Singh Verma said, girls can bear a child at an age of 15-17 years and questioned what’s the need to increase the legal age for marriage.

Adding further, the Congress Legislator said what’s the logic behind raising the minimum age for marriage for girls. Is Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan a doctor or a scientist?

His comments came days after Shivraj Singh Chouhan openly batted to raise the marriageable age for women.

Countering to Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s comments on raising the marriageable age, the Congress leader said, MP has the highest number of rapes against minor girls. Rather than raising the marriageable age, the government should focus on taking struck action in this regard. ‘

His comments irked the National Commission For Protection of Child Rights. The body slapped the legislator with notice and asked him to come up with an explanation in two days, as to why he had to make comments that justify women’s early marriage.

The Madhya Pradesh wing of the BJP party has breathed fire on the Congress Legislator for making derogatory comments on women’s early marriage and demanded the Congress party to sack him from the party.