Where are all the condoms going?

Sun Sep 12 2021 12:57:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

Condoms have become big business for the AIDS Control organizations across the state of Telangana. Sources say that there is no correlation between the number of condoms supplied to the AIDS control organisation by the National Aids Control Organisation  and the number of condoms spent in the state. A large amount of the stock is being diverted to the market to be sold away. Despite that, every year fresh indent is placed.

Sources say that the condoms are repackaged and sold in the market. Those in the know say that this has become a big racket involving several people - both in the organization and those outside it. Sources also say that this has been going on for the past four years.

These condoms are supplied as part of the efforts aimed at preventing unsafe sex. Every year, 8 - 10 crore condom units are sent by the NACO to the State Aids Control Society. During Corona time, as many as 3.85 crores of condoms were reported distributed. The officials say that the people seem to prefer condoms produced by private companies and are not interested in taking government condoms which go by the brand name of Nirodh.

The officials admit that the condom vending machines across the state are not properly working. The PHCs, which were supposed to supply condoms too are not functioning properly. As a result, the very purpose of the supply of the condoms to the AIDS control society is being defeated. The State is incurring at least up to Rs 3 crore loss due to the faulty condom supply in the state.