Who Have The Courage To Search Modi's House?

Sat Apr 27 2019 15:00:07 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Critics always complain about the wide gap between the Statements and Actions of Narendra Modi. Yet again, This topic has come under discussion because of the disparity in treatment meted out to Leaders of Anti-Modi Camp.

Choppers of PM Narendra Modi and Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik were searched by Officials appointed by the Election Commission on April 17th. The IAS Officer Mohammed Mohsin who was involved in the search of PM's chopper in Odisha was suspended and barred him from election duty citing violation of orders. After the interference of the Central Administrative Tribunal, Suspension was lifted on the IAS Officer by EC but Karnataka Government, to whom he reports, was asked to take disciplinary action.

On the other hand, Income Tax Raids were happening on Ruling Party Leaders in states where BJP isn't in power and also on Opposition Party Leaders in states where BJP is in power. Isn't these raids politically motivated?

In response to the criticism, Narendra Modi declared Leaders who indulged in wrong practices were alone facing Income Tax Raids. 'Law is equal for all. Even My House can be searched if I have done anything wrong,' he told.

Modi need to explain whether if there aren't any corrupt BJP Leaders in the country Or if all of the alliance partners of BJP are so clean? The Nation wants to know..isn't it?