Who Is Behind Ashwatthama Reddy?

Thu Oct 17 2019 19:33:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

He is supposed to be a trade union leader, who fights for the employees' cause. But, RTC union leader Ashwatthama Reddy has made comments that can cause a major political earthquake in Telangana. He said that 1984 coup could repeat in 2019. This is being seen as a very politically loaded statement. Directly targeting Chief Minister KCR, he said in 1984 too, NTR had an overwhelming majority. But, there was coup and he was removed. "Similar thing can happen now," Reddy said. This only means that there could be a coup against KCR.

He also said something more sensational. He said several ministers were in touch with him and several key TRS leaders have congratulated him on the successful strike. He further said that ministers like Harish Rao and Etela Rajender should break their silence and speak up. Why is a trade union leader making such statements, which are highly political and can have deep impact on the TRS? Why is he throwing up names of TRS ministers and MLAs? Is there more to the RTC strike than meets the eye? Is there is a political angle in the RTC strike that KCR may have failed to see coming? Given Reddy's closeness to Harish Rao, there are lingering doubts as to whether a strong section of the TRS is behind this strike.

Reddy's provocative statements are creating quite a sensation in the state's political circles. Has KCR bitten more than he can chew on the RTC issue? Has he underestimated the anger among the people? Has he failed to understand the tenacity of the RTC employees, who are now in the 13th day of their strike?  Has he underestimated Ashwatthama Reddy? One thing is sure! Ashwatthama Reddy is no pushover as one expected!!!