Meet The Media Owner, Who Possesses Largest Farmland In The World

Wed Sep 22 2021 14:26:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

An American-based media magnate who also enjoys a good fortune has made it to the headlines by emerging as the biggest landowner not only in the United States in the entire world. The owner of one of the leading media outlets in the United States had surpassed Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in this matter.

One John Malone, the chairman of Liberty Media was declared as the biggest landlord in the world as he possesses around 22 lakh acres of farmland, the highest for any person in the world. The land he owns is worth 9.22 billion dollars.

While the other richest people in the United States gave the least preference on the farmlands to make investments, John Malone gave equal importance to the farmlands like the other sectors that helped him to acquire a large share of lands.

While the farmlands are one of his major forms of investments, the basketball team he owns and the investments he made in media platforms and other sectors are the major contributors to his income source and wealth source.

His fortunes had increased at once after the media firm he owns Liberty Media had spread its wings and ventured into broadcast services. In the initial days, the company started to broadcast some of the popular channels. Since then, Liberty Media went on to go through a lot of changes at regular intervals and emerged as one of the leading media outlets in the United States eventually.

John Malone is a graduate of prestigious John Hopkins University. Later, he completed a programme on electrical engineering at New York University. The course had brought Malone close to the telecom sector.

Malone, who has been enjoying a good grip over the media industry, has also ventured into other areas like baseball teams and formula racing. Given the success enjoyed by Liberty Media, the shares of the company are the hot pick for the investors.

John Malone has started to invest in the farmlands after his small vacay at the family farm. The major share of the land he owns is from New Mexico. He also has farmlands in Florida, Maryland, Colorado, and other regions.