Who Will Fill The Vacuum For Tdp In Rajahmundry Lok Sabha Constituency?

Fri Sep 24 2021 12:39:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

An interesting discussion is on in the political circles about the political vacuum in Rajahmundry Lok Sabha constituency. The local leaders like Butchaiah Chowdary and Adireddy  Appa Rao are more interested in the Assembly seat rather than the MP seat As of now Butchaiah is in the Rajahmundry rural, while Adireddy Appa Rao's daughter-in-law Adireddy Bhavani is the MLA for Rajahmundry urban.

But, who will be the candidate for the Rajahmundry Lok Sabha seat? Actor-politician Murali Mohan, who was the MP in 2014, is inactive. He has almost retired from politics and is spending most of his time in Hyderabad. He has age-related health issues too. His daughter-in-law Rupa Devi contested in 2019, but lost to YSRCP's Margani Bharat. She too is now busy with her business work.

Chandrababu Naidu later appointed former minister KS Jawahar as the incharge. But, Jawahar neither has the resources nor the influence to contest as the MP from Rajahmundry. So, a candidate needs to be projected immediately in Rajahmundry. Also Butchaiah may not fight elections the next time. Adireddy Bhavani too is quite inactive in the party affairs these days

YSRCP leader and MP Margani Bharat is quite active in the constituency and is touring the area incessantly. On the other hand, the TDP has no candidate as of now for Rajahumundry. Party workers and sympathisers feel that it is about time that the party picks a candidate so that the candidate can work out strategies for 2024.