Who is Goldmine Srinivasa Rao and what is his link to Delhi liquor scam?

Tue Sep 20 2022 11:56:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

The sudden raids on the companies of Goldmine Srinivasa Rao in connection with the Delhi liquor scam has created quite a sensation. Srinivasa Rao is relatively unknown in political circles. During the last three weeks of investigation, his name never figured at any time. Suddenly, he has come to the limelight when the ED questioned him for six hours. His offices were also raided.

On Monday, there were raids on Kavitha Kalwakuntla's auditor Buchibabu, liquor baron Arun Ramachandran, Boyinipalli Abhisek Rao and Gandra Prem Sagar Rao. Suddenly, Srinivasa Rao's name cropped up. Rao was taken to the ED office and questioned. It is now being believed that he could be a key person in the liquor scam.

Rao owns Pavitra Pipes Pvt Litd, Hyderabad Shopping Pvt Ltd, Saligram IT company, Varun Sun Showroom and Goldstar mines and minerals. Significantly, Kavitha Kalwakuntla was the chief guest at the launch of Saligram IT company.  Sources say that raids were conducted on the basis of the chat between Arun Ramachandran and Srinivasa Rao over telegram.

Sources say that Srinivasa Rao was the go-between in the liquor scam case and he has allegedly provided Rs 200 crore to Aam Aadmi Party. The amount was used to fund the elections in Punjab state. Sources in the know say that Srinivas Rao is a very important link in the Delhi liquor scam.

There are suspicions that he is quite close to Rajya Sabha MP Joginapalli Santosh Kumar, who is a close relative of KCR family. In fact, he is KCR's nephew and is known to be the eyes and ears of Chandrasekhar Rao. Further investigations into the case are on. Sources say that more skeletons would tumble out of the cupboards in due course of time.

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