Who is KTR, is he Mr. KCR's son: YS Sharmila

Fri Jul 16 2021 16:24:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister KCR is a good orator and is famous for his speeches that pleases the listeners. His reaction when someone asks about people who criticize him is not to be missed.

YS Sharmila, who recently announced her political party YSRTP, reacted in his style when she was asked about Telangana IT Minister KTR.

On Friday, Sharmila held a press meet with the leaders of the party. During the interaction, Sharmila targeted the ruling party and accused the party of not respecting women.

When asked about KTR, Sharmila said "Who is KTR?". When the person sitting behind her said, Kalvakuntla Taraka Ramarao, Sharmila said, oh Mr. KCR's son KTR.

Her reaction made the media personnel and leaders laugh. Sharmila's reaction was a replica of typical KCR's style of talking about his opponents. Back in 2014, KCR spoke about Pawan Kalyan and said, who is he? Our party workers said he is an actor. But I don't know him.

Looks like Sharmila is giving hints at her battle with KCR in the coming days.

Sharmila breathed fire on KCR and KTR. KCR is not respecting women.Will his son respect them.How many women leaders do TRS have? How many of them were fielded in the elections? How many leaders have won? How many women were made Ministers?

Taking a dig at not having a woman Minister in the cabinet and the sole woman Minister was brought from the Congress, Sharmila said in KCR'S opinion women should be at home isn't it. In which century are we living? she asked.

Sharmila added that she had decided to float the party in Telangana as the people in the state are facing injustice.