Who is at the root of leadership change rumours in Telangana BJP

Sat Jan 07 2023 10:47:11 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The BJP leadership is baffled by the spate of rumours circulating in the Telangana unit of the party. Strong rumours that Bandi Sanjay would be replaced by another leader as the state president are doing rounds within the party. The leadership is angry and upset with these rumours and has reportedly decided to go to the roots and find out who has begun these rumours.

There is a strong buzz that Bandi Sanjay, whose term is coming to a close, would be replaced by another leader. A section is already claiming that Bandi's ways and methods are being counter-productive. Another strong allegation is that Bandi is not taking along other leaders and thus weakening the party in poll-bound Telangana.

The party has taken a serious view of this buzz. It has reportedly sent a task force to identify who is at the root of the rumour. It is also surprised that the senior leaders of the party in Telangana have been fighting among themselves despite several warnings by the national leadership. The party has now decided to crack a whip and end this dispute once and for all.

Meanwhile, Union Minister G Kishan Reddy and OBC morcha national president Dr K Laxman have categorically said that there was no question of changing the party leadership in the state. They claim that the party will go to 2024 polls under Bandi's leadership. The general feeling is that if the leader is changed during the poll time, it would be counter productive for the party. So, in all likelihood, the party could continue with Bandi Sanjay at least till 2024.