Who Is Most Worried About BJP Victory In GHMC?

Thu Nov 26 2020 11:47:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

See who is most worried about a possible BJP victory in the GHMC elections? It's not the MIM, not even the TRS. It is the GHMC officials who are worried about BJP getting significant number of seats.

The reason? If there are more BJP corporators, whey will raise the issue of spending by the GHMC and would question non-allocation of funds to their divisions. Not just that, they would demand proper allocation of funds. Till now, they have been focusing on wherever the TRS and MIM leaders wanted them to focus and allocate funds accordingly. If the BjP wins big, it would demand more funds for their divisions and would accuse them of bias if they did not allocate funds.

Financially, the GHMC is in a very bad shape and no developmental works are being taken up due to fund crunch. Even the salaries are being paid by the State Government. Given this situation, if the BJP wins more than 30 seats, there would be pressures on them for funds. They are also afraid that both BJP and MIM will raise the noise levels in the council meetings.  Till now, since a majority  of the corporators till now were from the TRS, KTR had directed them not to bother the officials for funds and they stayed away. Now the situation might change, the officials fear.