Who is responsible for spike in Covid cases in India?

Sun Apr 18 2021 10:14:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

The governments of the day have boasted that they have tamed Corona in India. They claimed that the lockdown has brought the virus under control and claimed to be world leaders  in fighting off the pandemic. But, what about the current upsurge in the cases? Who is responsible for this?

The governments have failed in controlling the pandemic. The covid is now knocking the doors of everyone and there is an uncontrollable spurt in the number of cases. Even those rulers, who had earned name and  fame for effectively controlling the covid, are now looking utterly helpless. India today has earned the dubious distinction of having the largest number of positive cases. India now accounts for nearly 30 per cent of the positive cases worldwide. Who should be blamed for this - the Modi government? The state governments? Or the people who have elected such useless governments?

Consider this. As many as 8.08 lakh cases were reported worldwide till 11.30 pm on Saturday. Of them, 2.34 lakh cases are from India. India is at the top of the table for largest number of cases. Luckly, we are No 2 in terms of deaths. We are second only to Brazil. Here are the figures of country-wise Covid cases:


1. India              2,34,692
2. Brazil          76,249
3. USA             65,612
4. France         35,861
5. Italy            15,364