Who Will Be The Next Target In TRS?

Sat May 01 2021 08:54:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

TRS watchers say Etela Rajender will not be the last to be edged out from the party. This is part of KCR's master plan to finish off all opposition to KTR within the party. The idea is to ensure that KTR will have no challenger within the party and when made the chief minister, he will have a smooth ride.

Etela has of late been talking of being the rightful owner of the TRS' pink flag. He also talked about the sacrifices he made for the party. He was one of those very few ministers who openly showed signs of rebellion at the key party meet which was held to announce the anointment of KTR as the CM. Insiders say KCR has been planning to edge him out from that time. But insiders say there could be some more TRS leaders, who would be shown the door.

KTR had edged out several leaders like Ale Narendra, Vijayarama Rao and Dugyala Pradeep, Mandadi Satyanarayana and Aravind Reddy in the past. Even Vijayasanthi was forced out of the party. KCR knows how to edge out potential threats to his leadership. Etela is only part of the long list of oustees. Sources say KCR might send out some more out of the party in the days to come. With most seniors gone, KTR would have a free run in the party, say the political watchers.