Who Will Follow Etela Rajender?

Sat May 01 2021 09:00:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

As of now there is a shocked silence in the TRS over Etela Rajender. The way the issue of his land-grab was taken up by channels known to be KCR's fiefdoms soon after the polling for the two municipal corporations and five municipal councils was over indicated that it was a craftily choreographed move.

With pro-TRS media pointing an accusing finger on Etela, it was clear that Etela was on his way out. Naturally, almost all the TRS MLAs and leaders preferred to remain tight-lipped. They did not utter a word. But, TRS insiders say that Etela has some close friends and supporters in the party and they may choose the right time to come out into the open and support him. But, they also say that KCR might checkmate some of them by offering them good position in the party and the government.

It may be recalled that last time when Etela showed signs of rebellion against KCR, MLA Rasamayi Balkishan met him and openly made comments that could be seen as being uncomfortable to KCR. Will Rasamayi come out this time? Etela may also get in touch with several leaders who are disgruntled with KCR's functioning style. But, how many will come out with him depends largely on the election results of Nagarjunasagar, the two municipal corporations and five municipalities in the state.