Who will Form The Government In Haryana?

Thu Oct 24 2019 18:08:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Haryana State is heading towards Hung. Elections were held for 90 seats in Haryana. Both the BJP and the Congress has lost the opportunity to form a government. JJP President Dushyant, who got ten seats have become crucial and King Maker in Haryana.

The ruling BJP and the Congress have not been able to secure majority seats. This caused the hung.

Om Prakash Chautala has suspended his eldest son Ajay Singh and two grandsons Dushyant Singh and Digvijay Singh from INLD. In December, Dushyant Chautala founded his party, Jannayak Janata Party. He won a total of 10 seats.

 Congress stopped 10 seats away from the majority. Limited to just 36 seats. The BJP got 41 seats. With 10 seats, Dushyant is now the front runner for the CM seat. The Congress hopes to form a government in Haryana by giving a CM seat to Dushyant in Karnataka. The situation seems to be repeating the Karnataka election results.