Who will succeed top Maoist RK?

Sun Oct 17 2021 10:45:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Who will succeed top Maoist RK alias Akkiraju Haragopal and ead the Andhra Odisha Border zone (AOB)? RK has been a very powerful influence in the AOB and has worked to develop the cadre in a big way in the region. Despite several encounters and even at the cost of losing his son, he continued to work in the AOB for years.

The AOB is currently led by Ganesh, but was supervised by RK, who was a member of the Central committee. Earlier, the AOB was led by Maoist Padmakka. Later, she was sent to take care of the Odisha committee. Another key leader with a firm grip on AOB is Maoist Sudhakar, who too is a member of the Politburo. Both Sudhakar, Ganesh and RK represented the Maoists in the 2004 talks with the Government. He was moved out of the AOB after the talks failed. He is currently said to be in the Dandakaranya Zone.

Police sources, who keep a keen watch on the Maoist affairs, say that Sudhakar could be given the responsibility to supervise the AOB after RK's death. Police sources say that the Maoist strength has already depleted in the AOB. Their number could be less than 100. Hence, Padmakka could be sent to strengthen the party in the region. It remains to be seen who will fill the vacuum left by the sudden death of top Maoist RK.