Why AP government made a mince-meat of itself over mutton markets?

Mon Sep 13 2021 13:06:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

It appears to be roll-back time for the YSRCP government. The latest is the roll back on the decision to set up mobile mutton markets across the state. On September 9, YS Jagan's mouthpiece Sakshi published a story saying that the government was setting up Mutton Markets across the state.

The report said that the markets would be first set up in the cities and towns. Later, they would be extended to other parts. The mutton markets would be seven feet tall, four feet long and four feet wide. They are mobile and dressing, grading cutting, packaging, dressing and retail sales would be done in these centres. However, this idea received negative feedback. There was criticism as this would be seen as an official promotion of the non-veg food. Secondly, many felt that the government should not engage itself in mutton business.

Unnerved by the negative feedback, the government seems to have backed off.  Minister S Appalaraju has said that there was no proposal to set up mutton markets. But at the same time, he said that the government felt that the people should be supplied mutton in a hygienic way. If the government thinks it is a good initiative, then why is it backing off? And why is it saying that there is no such proposal in the first place when so much homework is already done?

This shows that the government is overly sensitive to criticism and is backtracking on the decisions that it takes after due consideration. Why bring up the idea of mutton markets and why back off?