Why Are Opponents Happy With MLA Testing Corona Positive?

Tue Aug 04 2020 11:16:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

SriKalahasti MLA Biyyapu Madhusudhan Reddy is one of a kind MLA. Ever since the Corona scare began, Reddy was very pro-active and toured the whole constituency incessantly. He met people from different walks of life and tried to sensitise them about Corona.

He undertook the distribution of masks in a big way. Almost 80 per cent of the people of the assembly constituency were given masks by MLA's team of workers. Not just that, he also personally monitored the distribution of the essential commodities to the people from the economically weaker backgrounds. He was all over the place and his work was appreciated by everyone, even at the national level.

But the latest is that the MLA has now tested Corona positive and is  currently in home quarantine. This has given an opportunity for his rivals to get back at him. They are now claiming that the MLA, who preached social distancing, did not practice it and has hence gone into a quarantine. The MLA, however, says that once out of the quarantine, he would once again begin his service initiatives.