Why Are People Leaving This Area In Hyderabad?

Mon Aug 03 2020 09:31:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Till recently, Padmarao Nagar was considered a posh locality and people paid heavy amounts to get a rented premises there as the area is close to the Secunderabad railway station and the area is in the heart  of the city. But not any longer. The locals of Padmarao Nagar are leaving the area in drones. Those living on rented premises are cancelling their rent contracts.

The reason? The medical waste from Gandhi Hospital, which is the biggest Covid treatment hospital in the city. The medical waste used in treating Covid cases and the PPE kits used by the medical and para medical staff are piling up on the hospital premises. A peculiar foul smell is emanating from this and several Covid cases have been reported in the neighbouring colonies. In view of all this, the people in the area are locking up their homes and are leaving for other places.

The medical waste has piled up for over a month and this has turned out to be a major medical hazard for the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, no government official is taking steps to get the garbage removed. Consider this, the deputy speaker of Telangana assembly lives very close to the Gandhi hospital. Yet, no action is being taken.