Why BJP Is Growing And Cong Sinking?

Wed Nov 25 2020 12:33:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

BJP's national president JP Nadda is out on a 100-day tour of the country. He would visit four states - Punjab, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and  Kerala - in these 100 days. The tour would be intensive and he would visit every nook and corner in these states.  Remember all these are states where the party is not in power. Amit Shah is focusing on Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, which will see elections next year.

Contrast this with the Congress Party. Party's president is unwell andis out of Delhi.She would be in Goa for taking rest. Her son and party's former and future president Rahul Gandhi is also in Goa. Priyanka Gandhi is in Shimla. No... not for party work. She is holidaying there. The only politics that Rahul Gandhi is doing now is to go on Twitter and comment on everything starting from Covid to economy.

This perhaps explains why the BJP is growing and why the Congress influence is dwindling across the country. The national president is spending 100 days in states where the party is not in power and is working very hard, while the Congress leadership is showing no sense of purpose. All the regional parties are working hard in their own spheres. The only party that is on a holiday is the Congress.