Why Chandrababu Does Not Trust His Once-Trusted Friend?

Mon Oct 19 2020 09:14:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Remember Narayana, the minister from Nellore who was almost like an alter-ego of Chandrababu when the latter was in power. He was very popular and was considered the most powerful too. But, right now, things have changed. He is no longer the blue-eyed boy of the TDP.

If sources in the TDP are to be believed, Narayana has fallen out of favour in the TDP. He is not being consulted while taking key decisions. In fact, it is being said that Chandrababu does not trust him anymore. With his close relative Ganta Srinivasa Rao all set to join the YSRCP, the TDP boss looks at Narayana with lot of suspicion.

As a result, Chandrababu is not heeding to even small requests from Narayana. Narayana's local opponent Kotamreddy Srinivas Reddy has been given a key post and Nellore urban TDP president's post has gone to Abdul Aziz. Both the leaders are opposed to Narayana. Narayana's candidate and his close associate Pattabhirami Reddy has not been considered for the post.

According to sources close to Narayana, he is now feeling isolated in the TDP.  As a result, he has become very inactive in local TDP politics. Even when he is visiting Nellore, it is only to take care of the educational institutions he runs. He has been keeping an unusually low profile these days. The TDP boss is prepared for his exit from the party, while Narayana himself is unwelcome in any other party.