Why Congress May Have A Non-Gandhi-Nehru President?

Mon Jan 25 2021 10:33:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Will Congress have a non-Gandhi-Nehru president this time? Yes, say those in the know of things. But, hold on. A non-Gandhi-Nehru president will only be a temporary phenomenon. This is only meant to bring back Rahul Gandhi as the Congress president.

Wondering how? A Congress president is elected for four years. Rahul Gandhi was elected president in 2017. But, he resigned in 2019 after a humiliating defeat of the party in the general elections. So, anyone who becomes the Congress president will be in power only till the completion of the present term. This term ends by December 2021. So, a new president, whether a Gandhi or any other, will be in power only till December 2021. After that a new president will have to be elected.

So, the plan is to have a president from non-Gandhi Nehru background till December 2021 and then re-elect Rahul Gandhi. This way the Congress can tell people that a non-Gandhi Nehru can become a party president and will also honour Rahul Gandhi's suggestion that the next president of the party should be from a non-Gandhi-Nehru background. After December 2021, it would be business as usual.