Why Congress Wants TRS To Win From Huzurabad?

Mon Jun 14 2021 11:45:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

What is Telangana Congress Party's real target – TRS or BJP? It appears the Congress is more worried about the BJP rather than the TRS. The party feels that if the BJP emerges as an alternative, it's future would be in jeopardy. The Congress wants to ensure BJP's downfall more than the defeat of the TRS. If feels that if it manages to hold on to the second position in the state, it can defeat TRS sometime or the other.

As part of this strategy, the Congress is reportedly mulling over extending back door support to the TRS in Huzurabad. It is reportedly thinking of putting up a weak candidate and cut into Eatala Rajender's votes. If it manages to take away a significant chunk of anti-TRS voters, Rajender would be defeated. The idea is that if Rajender loses, the BJP stock too will go down. If he manages to win, then there would be a deluge of leaders into the BJP.

Hence, if Eatala loses, then those leaders from the TRS and Congress, who are not happy with their parties, could jump into the BJP. So, the Congress feels that defeating Eatala is of utmost importance. So as part of this plan the Congress wants to ensure that the BJP is defeated fare and square in Huzurabad. Let's see how things pan out.