Why Did Not KCR Address The Media On Wednesday

Thu Nov 11 2021 10:06:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Keeping the word seems t o be at the bottom of the list of priorities for Telangana CM KCR The other day, he told the journalists that he will from now on address the media on a daily basis. He said he would spit fire on Bandi Sanjay day-on-day. He said he would show Bandi what he can do.

The mediapersons felt this was one of those many promises that KCR forgets as quickly as he gives them. But,his Sunday press meet was followed by another press meet on Monday. KCR was all fire and brimstone during the both the press meets. One expected that he would continue his tirade. But on Wednesday, he skipped the press meet. There was no invitation from the CMO to the waiting media.

Sources say KCR is having second thoughts about holding press meets. He feels while they are making headlines, they are also serving in making BJP state chief Bandi Sanjay larger than life. By criticising him, KCR is actually giving him more currency than he deserves..Perhaps with this in mind, KCR did not address the press meet.

Some sources also said that since there was nothing new to say, KCR did not address the media on Wednesday. Saying the same thing over and over again, while only reduce the newsworthiness of the criticism of the BJP. Even this may have prompted him to desist from going to the media.