Why Did Tdp Got It Wrong In Kuppam?

Thu Nov 18 2021 14:33:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Post mortem has begun in earnest over the stunning defeat of the TDP in Kuppam. This is TDP's first ever defeat in 36 years. After the MPTC and ZPTC defeat, which the party had officially boycotted, the Kuppam municipal elections have turned out to be a reality-check for the TDP. It not just participated in the election and also both Chandrababu and Lokesh campaigned vigorously. Yet the TDP lost and lost it very badly.

Internal discussions in the TDP reveal that the party leadership has learned no lessons from the MPTC and ZPTC defeat. The same set of leaders whose behavior and inaccessibility made the people move away from the TDP were given charge of the party's campaign. These leaders were rude towards both the party workers and the general public alike. This has put off the people and they have decided to teach these leaders a lesson. Hence the party lost badly.

Sources say that after the ZPTC elections, local party workers and leaders had complained to Chandrababu Naidu about the attitude of these set of leaders. They wanted these leaders to be removed forthwith. But, Chandrababu and Lokesh did not pay any heed to these suggestions. They persisted with the same set of leaders for the Kuppam municipality elections.

Now that the party has been trounced badly in Kuppam, it is time for reality check for the TDP and Chandrababu. Will they at least take some corrective steps now ? Let's wait and see.