Why Every CM Iis Afraid Of This Statue?

Thu Jul 09 2020 10:51:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

This is strange even for a state where parties swear by atheism. Do you know that no CM in Tamil Nadu ever wants to face one statue on the Marina Beach in Chennai city? The statue is that of a woman who holds a bracelet. Her hair is untidy and flowing...her eyes spew anger. For some reason, no CM wants to face this statue.

The statue is that of Kannagi, a historical personality, who cursed the Pandya king and who destroyed Madirai city. Jayalalithaa never faced this statue and took another route to travel. Similarly, avowed atheist and anti-superstition Dravidian CM Karunanidhi too studiously avoided the route.  Later, the statue was shifted to some other place to avoid the VIPs cross the path. Yet, the statue continues to evoke fear and awe.

Even the current CM is following the same superstition. He too is said to be avoiding the statue which is on the Pareira Road of Chennai.  With elections round the corner, the CM is said to be extra cautious.