Why Ganta Is Saying He Would Be In TDP Till His Last Breath?

Mon Feb 18 2019 15:54:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

Despite several TDP biggies making a beeline to the YSRCP, one minister is staying put in the TDP. He is putting up a show of defiance. He is none other than Ganta Srinivas Rao.He is also saying that he would be with Chandrababu Naidu till the last breath. Filmi dialogues apart, why is Ganta, who is known to change parties like he changes his shirt, going on an overdrive to prove his loyalty?

For the past one month, there have been rumours that Ganta Srinivasa Rao is like to defect to some other part. There were stories that he can shrug off the yellow stole for another stole. Interestingly, it was he who leaked these things through his acolytes. But, now, he wants to put a full-stop and say that he will remain in the TDP. Why did he make this U Turn. The reasons are not too far to seek. He is among the first of the politicians to see the writing on the wall. He realised quite early that there is a pro-YSRCP wave building up across the state. So, he tried to join the YSRCP along with his backers. He wanted some guarantees. But, YS Jagan being YS Jagan, he wanted Ganta to enter the party without any conditions. Ganta wanted MLA seat for himself and two of his supporters. Jagan refused. And that was it.

Then he eyed Jana Sena. Though the party is not as strong as YSRCP, he felt this was better than the TDP. But, Pawan Kalyan understood the negative impact Ganta's entry could have on the party. So, he opposed Ganta's entry. So, Ganta has nowhere to go. He is not wanted in YSRCP and Jana Sena and the TDP knows his intentions. So, the minister is going overboard professing his love for the TDP.