Why Have Niti Aayog Without Implementing Recommendations: KCR?

Sat Aug 06 2022 17:28:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana Chief Minister KCR has fixed his target on entering national politics and he is expressing his desire on every possible occasion. As a shot in the arm in the efforts, the Chief Minister is not leaving any stone unturned to target the union government.

These days, KCR has been dubbing that BJP is just doing magic with words and the government is not that great when it comes to implementing the promises. The rise in unemployment and the downfall of the Indian rupee in front of the US currency is giving an opportunity for KCR to target the BJP.

To show its fight against the BJP, the TRS decided to skip the Governing Council meeting of Niti Aayog which will be hosted in the national capital Delhi. The ruling party in the state announced that the party will not take part in the Niti Aayog meeting.

Having decided to skip the Niti Aayog meeting, CM KCR called for a fierce press meeting and he shot words like bullets in the press meet. After coming down severely on the BJP-led union government, KCR also targeted Niti Aayog.

He asked what's the point of having Niti Aayog when the union government is not following its recommendations. Talking about the safe drinking water project Mission Bhagiratha, CM KCR said that Niti Aayog appreciated the project and recommended that the Centre should grant funds, but it did not happen.

In his speech, KCR stressed two things that the Planning commission used to work in a better way than Niti Aayog and the union government which brought the Niti Aayog is not implementing the recommendations.