Why Iftar Parties Are Low Key These Days?

Tue Jun 04 2019 09:54:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Did you notice how different this Ramzan is? Usually, when the Ramzan season begins, the politicians go on an overdrive. They organise Iftar parties every day for the whole month. They become huge PR affairs with Who is Who of the politics joining them. But this time, the trend seems to be different. There are no major Iftars except the customary ones by the Governor and the CM. The Iftar pics are not exactly flooding the media houses. Even parties like the MIM, which are predominated by Muslims, are keeping the Iftars low key.

The BJP has never organised Iftars in such a big way. In fact, former Uppal MLA NVSS Prabhakar used to organise Iftars for his colleagues from minority community. Even he seems to have skipped Iftar this time. The BJP's stupendous success in the elections despite not getting too many Muslim votes seems to have dampened the enthusiasm of other parties.