Why Indians Are Leaving India for Other Countries?

Wed Jul 20 2022 13:38:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

The needs of Indians have changed in the era between the initial days of Independence and the current period. Earlier, people aimed for three basic things Roti Kapda Aur Makaan( Bread, Cloth, and house). But Indians are aiming for something big, better conditions for quality education and favorable conditions to live.

When they feel that their motherland is not in a position to fulfill their needs and demands, Indians are looking at favorable nations and the trend of leaving India for other nations has increased and the highest number of Indians left Indian citizenship in the past three years.

To a question raised by a Lok Sabha member, the Ministry of Home Affairs replied that more than 1.6 lakh Indians left their Indian Citizenship in 2021, which marks the highest in the past three years.

The count of Indians leaving citizenship crossed the lakh mark and came close to one and lakh in 2019 with 1.44 lakh Indians opting for other nations. However, their dreams are shattered with the Covid entering the world. The countries keeping the passports work aside brought the numbers down and there is no stopping in 2021 and the numbers rose to a massive 1.6 lakh.

It is no wonder that the Indians prefer the superpower nation United States. The majority of Indians who left citizenship went to America, followed by Australia (23,533), Canada (21,597), the UK (14,637), Italy (5,986), New Zealand (2,643), and Singapore (2,516). Besides this, a small section of Indians also opted for the Arab nations.

All the nations preferred by Indians are developed ones and offer better facilities in various areas, be it education, medical or employment opportunities. The education standards in these nations have international standards and kids who are born there will get to study for free of cost in the majority of the countries.

While the cost of school education is very minimal, the money it takes to study for graduation and higher degrees is very less compared to India. This is the reason why Indian students prefer doing MS in other countries. We have seen how the Indians were trapped in Ukraine, who went there to pursue medical courses.

The growing unemployment rate in India is also a key factor in forcing Indians to leave Indian citizenship for other countries. Though other nations also have issues with the recession, the unemployment rate is not as problematic as how it is for India. All these factors are forcing Indians to leave citizenship.

On the other hand, India strictly follows the dual citizenship act which says that an Indian citizen can be a citizen of two nations at a time. Indians taking citizenship in other countries will result in them losing Indian citizenship.