Why Is Corona So Dangerous?

Wed Mar 25 2020 18:26:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Why is Corona virus so deadly? Why is so feared? Even powerful countriesrn like the US are covering in fear at the very mention of this contagion.rn There is no vaccine as yet and the trials to develop a vaccine re stillrn in their infancy. Given the Corona virus's propensity to mutate, the rnmicrobiologists are still at sea to understand its behaviour.

Whyrn is Corona so different from others? Why are older people more rnsusceptible to its attack? Corona virus spreads through the droplets of rnsaliva or phlegm spewed out during sneezing and coughing. For a few daysrn after infection, there is no manifestation and the infected person rnlooks every inch normal. It is only after 14 days that cough, sore rnthroat and inflammation while breathing are manifest. The virus kills rnthe internal tissue and proliferates inside the body. Corona then entersrn the walls of the internal systems, affects the nervous system, rnincreases the blood pressures and then affects all life supporting rnsystems. One does not know why the human antigens fail to develop a rnresistance system to the Corona virus.  The scientists suspect that an rnenzyme system called S2 could be responsible for it. Corona affects rnthose using medicines for diabetis and hypertension. This is the reason rnwhy most elders get easily affected.

In case of SARS or MERS, thern characteristics of the affliction get manifest quickly. In case of rnCorona, they are not clearly visible and by the time they become rnmanifest, the internal systems get completely damaged and the immune rnsystems are affected. It is because the characteristics are manifest rnslowly that the infected people infect many more people. Hence, lock rndown, self-isolation, quarantines and other restrictive practices are sorn important, say doctors.