Why Is KCR Not Using Harish Rao To Diffuse RTC Strike?

Sun Oct 13 2019 13:11:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Has KCR bitten off more than he could chew on the RTC strike? With the death of an RTC employee, the strike might further intensify and spread to all other departments. Already, KCR has earned lot of bad name for extending the Dasara holidays till October 19.  There is every possibility that the engineering colleges and schools may not agree to extend the Dasara holidays beyond October 19. If they reopen their institutions, their buses would not be available for the government. This would worsen the situation further.

One wonders why KCR is not using the services of his nephew Harish Rao. Harish was the honorary president of the TSRTC till recently. He has deep connections within the RTC unions. He knows many leaders personally very well.  In fact, Ashwatthama Reddy, who is spearheading the present strike, is Harish Rao's protege. It was Harish who promoted him in the ranks. Harish Rao could have mediated and thrashed out the issue in a mutually beneficial manner.

However, KCR seems to have felt that involving Harish would raise his stature. So, he handled it himself with disastrous results. Due to his attitude, the strike has worsened and the people are put to great difficulties. Things are likely to further deteriorate especially after the death of the RTC employee Srinivas Reddy, who immolated self. He is from Khammam, which is the home turf of the Transport Minister Puvvada Ajay Kumar. Ajay could be in a very tricky situation ever since Reddy's death. Those in the know feel that KCR should immediately press Harish Rao into service and diffuse the situation.