Why Is The Film Industry Cold Towards The YSRCP?

Sun Aug 04 2019 23:11:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

It has been two months since YSRCP government was formed in Andhra Pradesh. But, the film industry, which basically thrives on the revenues from film-crazed districts of Andhra Pradesh, is yet to greet the chief minister. No filmi delegation has met Jagan. Despite the fact that Vizag has quite a few studies and most parts of the coastal districts are shooting spots, the film industry seems to be lukewarm towards the new dispensation.

What more? Actors who sided with the YSRCP or campaigned for it are now being targeted. Comedians Ali and Prithviraj are now facing a backlash from the industry biggies. Pruthviraj is on record saying that several producers who gave him advances for their films, have now taken back the advances and have removed him from their films. He said this was done at the behest of some big names in the industry.  He said his work in the YSRCP and his elevation as the chairperson of the SVBC did not go well with these elements.

Quite in contrast with this, the film industry is falling head over heels to please the TRS government. They are going out of the way to appease the Telangana bosses. But, when it comes to Andhra Pradesh, they are still playing 'His Master's voice'.