Why Is The President Reluctant To Work For His Party?

Mon Aug 19 2019 10:30:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Strange things are happening in Bihar politics. The Rashtriya Janata Dal, the party that ruled Bihar under Lalu Prasad Yadav and Rabri Devi, has almost become defunct. Lalu is in jail and is ruled out for active political role. Rabri is confined to home. Party's present chief Tejaswi Yadav is not attending party meets. On Sunday, the party was to hold a key meeting to chalk out strategy for future. The meeting could not be held as Tejaswi Yadav refused to attend it. With the tallest leader not attending, the meet was in disarray and was cancelled at the last moment.

Ever since Lok Sabha election drubbing , Tejaswhi has not been showing any interest in politics. He has not attended the party meets and even in assembly, he is just an occasional visitor. Even while in the assembly, he is refusing to speak on any issue. All these are having their effect on the party. His biggest problem is on how to deal with his elder brother Tej Pratap Yadav. Tej Pratap has formed a ‘non-political’ manch titled Lalu Rabri Manch to mobilise support for himself. The party lost several seats because of this.

Even within the party, the seniors are questioning the leadership of Tejaswi. They are saying that their loyalty is to Lalu and not his son. Many blamed his poor leadership skills for the defeat of the party in the Lok Sabha elections. Due to all these, Tejaswi is keeping a low profile. However, he is quite active on Twitter. But, we all know Tweets alone do not win wars.