Why Jagan's 'early polls' talk makes TDP jittery?

Tue Sep 21 2021 18:56:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

Till now Chandrababu was playing a mind game with the YSRCP by talking about the possibility of “one nation one election” becoming a reality. But now YS Jagan has turned the tables on Chandrababu Naidu by talking about early polls. This sudden political projectile from YS Jagan has caught Chandrababu on the wrong foot.  Coming especially in the wake of the successive defeats in panchayat, municipal, MPTC and ZPTC elections, this has caused tremors in the YSRCP, which is already bruised and battered.

The biggest shock is that Chandrababu has lost very badly in his own citadel of Kuppam. The party was badly mauled and the majorities of the YSRCP candidates reveal the state of disarray in the TDP. If the YSRCP opts for early polls, the TDP may be caught utterly unprepared and would be beaten for a second time in the assembly elections.

Chandrababu's attempts to work out alliances too has not made any progress. The Jana Sena has not come any closer. The BJP is more opposed to TDP than to the YSRCP. With Pawan Kalyan determined not to be in the Chandrababu-led alliance, there are jitters in the TDP. The only party that wants to work with Chandrababu Naidu is the CPI and the CPI is a dead horse in AP. Given the party's condition, luring leaders from other parties into the TDP too appears to be a remote possibility. Despite dissidence, no YSRCP leader wants to jin the TDP at this stage.

The biggest problem for Chandrababu, according to insiders, is the lack of funding. Some major funders have joined the BJP, while the other funders are keeping mum. Leaders like actor-realtor-politcian Murali Mohan have also gone into hibernation. Thus, the party's funding sources have all dried up. A sudden and early election could actually leave the party paralysed, according to sources.