Why KCR Wants 60000 Party Members In Each Constituency?

Tue Jul 09 2019 10:11:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

There seems to be a competition between the BJP and the TRS over party membership drive. Both the parties have taken to the missed call membership drive, which means the member is identifiable and his Aadhar Card and his phone number would be with the party office. There will be no fake membership campaigns as is the case in most political parties.

While Amit Shah himself has launched the membership by going to the house of a Lambadi girl and giving her membership card, TRS working president KTR has held a tele conference with party workers across the state over the membership drive. He wants the party workers to enrol at least 60000 new members per each assembly constituency. If this really happens, then the TRS would be in an unassailable position. The BJP too wants to increase its membership by at least 12 per cent. This means most of the voters in the assembly constituencies will be members of either the TRS or the BJP.

If this happens, there would be no members left for the Congress and the other parties. Is this a clear indication that the 2023 elections would be essentially a fight between the BJP and the TRS and that all parties would be swept away?