Why KCR Made A Phone Call To Minister Malla Reddy?

Thu May 28 2020 11:39:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

KCR sure has a sharp eye. While going back and forth his farm house in Erravalli, he observes changes in the landscape and cleanliness of the offices en route. And if he notices even a slight difference, he would right away call the concerned officials and question them.

On Wednesday, while he was en route to his farm house, he noticed that Shamirpet police station was picture perfect of greenery with well-manicured trees. But, moments later, he saw the primary health centre close by.  The PHC was unkept with lot of bushy growth. The building was unclean and untidy. He immediately called up Miniter and local MLA Ch Malla Reddy. He told him to ensure that the PHC is maintained clean. Within no time, both the minister and district collector V Venkateshwarlu came rushing to the PHC and inspected the area. They also held discussions with the staff members and directed them to keep the surroundings clean and green.

Another interesting thing was that KCR reportedly even asked about CI Navin Reddy, who took special care about the greenery in the police station. Reddy has been transferred only a few months ago to another police station. This shows his keen eye and precision targeting