Why Made Rapaka Eat His Words On Fake Votes?

Tue Mar 28 2023 11:26:10 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Janasena's sole MLA Rapaka Vara Prasada Rao has been walking with the ruling YSRCP for some time. The MLA has his reasons for this. After a long time, he is in the news with the recent MLC polls. His controversial comments raised many eyeballs. His comments added intensity to the polls.

Recently, he alleged that he won as Sarpanch with fake votes and his supporters voted around 10 votes each. An MLA saying this created a sensation among the political circles and common people. Many wonder why the MLA made these comments at the meeting with his followers. He even said that people from his community used to vote for him.

However, the issue took an unexpected turn with the MLA changing his version. Rapaka alleged that his comments were taken out of proportion and he won the elections with the support of all the communities. Saying that he did not make the comments seriously, Rapaka maintained that he made those comments on a lighter note.

Many wonder what made the MLA change his version of fake votes. Political experts say that Rapaka is under fire for the comments he has been making of late. After the MLC polls, he alleged that he was offered Rs 10 votes to vote in the polls.

Later he made a self-goal by saying that he won with fake votes as his followers supported him. Earlier he used to have a positive image as he said he will not leave the Janasena to be the voice of the party. But he did not take much time to take the YSRCP route.

It is an open secret that he won as MLA with Jana Sena's image. Pawan Kalyan fans aggressively campaigned for him. But he changed his loyalties from Janasena to YSRCP.

Talking about the old elections, he said that fake votes helped him win the elections with a margin of around 800 votes. To stay away from a negative image, the MLA might have changed his version. He cannot do much about the MLC polls elections and the fake votes issue is in his hands. So he might have eaten into his words.